The Daily Drum, 9-4-15, Straight Outta Compton

There are real, modern-day issues addressed in the “Straight Outta Compton” biopic.

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In the News @ Noon

The shooting of a teen in Loudoun Co. has 1 school on “Lock down”…
A infant dies after calling 911, DC Officials looking for answers in ambulance delay…
No meeting tonight in Prince George’s County regarding District 7 Police Department…

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In the News @ 9

Five month old DC infant dies following slow ambulance response…
11 year old St. Louis shoots a 17 year old intruder, charges could be filed…
P.G. County leaders hold a meeting tonight about the opening of the District 7 Police Station…

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The Daily Drum, 9-3-15, The Black Lives Matter Movement

What has happened to the Black Lives Matter movement? Are some people misunderstanding the message?

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Community’s Choice for the Week of September 6th 2015

AKA Education Walk, H Street Festival, WHUT Screening, and NAACP Job Fair. Details on these events and more inside of this week’s Community’s Choice. To get your non-profit event on-line and on-air email me the info. to at least three weeks prior to your event

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