Enhance Your Hair with Color this Spring!


Create movement and vibrancy on the most challenging head of hair!

Hair coloring (dyeing) is an ancient art, its mainly used for cosmetic-practices are, e.g. to cover gray, to change to a more fashionable or desirable color, and to restore the original color after it has been distorted by unethical processes or sun bleaching. Coloring is a worldwide practice. Today your hair color can be any color you desire, if the right technician does the job.

There are several types of color available:

  • Temporary
  • Semi-permanent
  • Demi-permanent
  • Permanent

There’s a formulation for all!  Plant derived as well as synthetic colors work equally well, so that everyone can be accommodated. I never recommend using any type of color at home as a consumer other, than a temporary (rinse) color products. Using the later three formulations of colors can cause serious hair damage, always consult with color a specialist for these services.

Hair color can reverse the dryness caused by relaxers and excessive exposure to the sun.

I highly recommended to those who relax their hair or are exposed to excessive sunlight; to use some form of hair color to reverse the dryness that comes from the process. Hair coloring helps the mature to look ageless and it gives thin hair more volume. Grey hair lovers, those who smoke, use certain medications that can cause yellowing of the hair; benefit from shampoos that remove discoloration as well as hair colors that keeps grey lively.

Coloring and cutting should go hand in hand. Every great cut should be enhanced by color. A great color tech along with a fabulous cutter can create movement and vibrancy on the most challenging head of hair!

Check out photos featuring a few of the fabulous color trends of 2013.

— Rosslyn, Owner/Stylist, Salon 8227

About the Stylist

With over 35 years of experience in the beauty industry Rosslyn has traveled, trained and taught throughout Europe and the United States. Her foundation has been well built learning from some of the greatest names in her field, Liz Nolan, the late Olive Benson, Thomas Hayden, and Irvin and Rita Rusk, to only name a few. Rosslyn also had the privilege of studying in London, England at Alans, Jingles and Vidal Sassoon.

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