Tips on How to Exercise and Keep Your Hair Looking Great


Healthy hair or healthy heart? Why not both!

Today many African American women seem to be comfortable compromising their health for their hair, why?

We don’t know much about proper hair-care, or how important it is to stay in shape for both physical health and hair health. If we really want both, and we all should, here are a few tips on keeping your hair healthy while doing the same for your body:

Whether your hair is natural, chemically processed, weaved or braided; a daily exercise routine can be incorporated and you can still look great.

If you choose to workout first thing in the morning:

  • Keep in your rollers, pin curls, or wrap, secured with a silk or satin scarf.
  • After your workout, let your hair be the last thing you touch; shower, get dressed, apply makeup and everything else before you take off your scarf.

Now it’s hair time:

  • Only remove the scarf, and with a hand-held or hood dryer let heat blow over your hair for about 10 minutes.
  • Let hair down from rollers, pin curls or wrap, and then lightly spray with a sheen product and style.

Voila! You’ll find your hair silky smooth, shiny and manageable, along with having a great workout. These same tips work for the afternoon or evening, so go and exercise and stop worrying about your hair.

— Rosslyn, Owner/Stylist, Salon 8227

About the Stylist

With over 35 years of experience in the beauty industry Rosslyn has traveled, trained and taught throughout Europe and the United States. Her foundation has been well built learning from some of the greatest names in her field, Liz Nolan, the late Olive Benson, Thomas Hayden, and Irvin and Rita Rusk, to only name a few. Rosslyn also had the privilege of studying in London, England at Alans, Jingles and Vidal Sassoon.

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