Wendy Williams Invites Clark Sisters To Perform After Bashing Them

“I didn’t mean anything bad about the Clark sisters. This is what I’m going to do. Pack up some pretty dresses and come to New York.” she said. She concluded the video by asking the group to perform.

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Wendy Williams’ Manager Husband May Get Fired

Wendy Williams’ husband, who is also her manager and show executive producer, may get the axe soon. According to a close Wendy Williams Show source, Kevin Hunter has been causing a lot of problem behind-the-scenes making life a living hell for staff members.

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Wendy Williams Loses Major Sponsor After Speaking Out Against HBCUs

Chevy, a major sponsor of The Wendy Williams Show, pulled a large buy from her hit talk show. That’s right, Wendy’s coin has now been affected. And reportedly, this wasn’t a small buy either. The buy included a promotional Chevy Malibu car giveaway, custom digital content and social media content for the remainder of 2016. Ouch!

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