Avery Sunshine, Singer, Songwriter and Pianist


Avery Sunshine sings with a voice that speaks boldly and tells a story, encouraging you to “Get Your Shine On.”

This singer, song-writer, and pianist is well respected for her thick, strong, yet jazzy voice. She comes out Chester, PA. Her joining her church choir brought attention to her unique voice. A former member of the Wilmington/Chester Mass Choir where she was leading, singing, and directing. She’s fluent in many genres from soul, house, to classical and hiphop.

Her and her Spellman sister Maia Wilson teamed up to form a duo called Daisy Rew. Later Avery lent her voice to the soundtrack for Paramount Pictures movie, The Fighting Temptations. In 2005 she was hired as lead keyboardist for Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns. Two years later she was sought to by vocal great, Jennifer Holiday to be choir director for Dream Girls during the National Black Arts Festival in ATL.

 Ugly Part of Me

All In Head