Lysette Titi


Lysette Titi

Lysette Titi was born an African/Native American and uses her innovative talents to reinvent R&B music. Her passion for music began by ear when she heard piano playing for the first time. She would mimic the sounds that she heard on the radio and played them back on the piano. Her mother signed her up for piano lessons and she soon quit playing after because her piano teacher used to smack her hands when she was wrong. This brought about her singing career.  She writes music to express her pain and she sings because she loves to.

Her career got started through the Backyard Band. Teddy Bear, a leader of the group, knew that they need a singer. He had Lysette Titi sing over the phone to his manager and she was in the studio the next day.  Lysette was in the studio alone and froze in her singing at the sight of the band when they walked in, but she sang on and impressed the whole team.

Gingus (Anwan Glover) told the engineer to rewind the song and he pointed at Lysette to sing and from then on she had been singing for the Backyard Band and has been singing with them for eleven years. Lysette Titi feels that the band is a family of people who all love music and what they create together.

Lysette Titi has toured with Macy Gray, Kelis, Me’shell Ndegeocello, and Nicki Minaj, she has also written songs for producers such as Rodney Jerkins, Chucky Thompson, and Jay Fenix, she has also mastered her acting talent and starred in Souls Possessed, where she worked with Patti Labelle, Debbie Allen, and Artuo Sandoval. The Break Up Assistant is Lysette’s new solo album where she talked with different producers about her musical career, ambitions, and accomplishments to make her career a success.  Her last album was shy of going gold so she has all the inspiration and motivation to reach the top of the music charts.

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