Don’t Sweat It – Wear Natural Hair For Summer…


Now that we are entering the season of 90-degree heat and sticky weather, those who have chosen to be “team natural” while still straightening their tresses are at war!

At the start of the day you’re smooth and silky, but by the afternoon lunch stroll you begin the frizzing and swelling process, include a workout then all hair breaks loose! What do you do? Why not pack away the flat iron with the thermals and try these styles while waiting out the summer!

  • Shampoo and wear hair;
  • flexi rods;
  • flat twists;
  • two strand twists or;
  • braids

Regardless of age or weight natural hair can be beautiful & stylish. The confident woman can rock the look! This is when a great shaping (cut) hair coloring and the right product will make all the difference. The weather should never be your hair’s enemy, especially when you have a great stylist as an ally that can create a routine to maintain the summer’s hottest natural looks.

— Rosslyn, Owner/Stylist, Salon 8227

About the Stylist

With over 35 years of experience in the beauty industry Rosslyn has traveled, trained and taught throughout Europe and the United States. Her foundation has been well built learning from some of the greatest names in her field, Liz Nolan, the late Olive Benson, Thomas Hayden, and Irvin and Rita Rusk, to only name a few. Rosslyn also had the privilege of studying in London, England at Alans, Jingles and Vidal Sassoon.

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