No Lye and Lye products, What are you really using on your hair?


Lye or a Lie

What are you using on your hair?

When you buy over the counter no lye relaxers do you know what you’re really buying? If it has the ability to change the hair’s structure (straightening) there has to be a chemical component that rearranges the hair shaft.

So whether you use a no lye or lye straightener, there’s a chemical ingredient that causes the hair’s structure to change. When a mother of a young child thinks that she’s using a kiddie perm with no chemical or lye, it’s a lie! With a limited knowledge of the product, it is often misused. Mom leaves the chemical on the hair as if it’s a conditioner, thinking the longer the better. The result may be a damaged scalp and hair.

There are different types of hydroxides used to formulate hair straighteners some that are more potent than the others. No lye relaxers use calcium hydroxide or lithium hydroxide. Hydroxides can cause permanent damage if not used by a knowledgeable, licensed technician.

This is a service that as a professional, I would never recommend anyone to administer at home. The way the world is today you can purchase anything your money can buy but that doesn’t make it right. Would you give a ten year old your car keys and permission to drive your car, just because they are six feet tall and look the part? Then why take a harsh chemical and slap it on someone’s head just because you’ve seen it done and it looks easy.

Find a licensed hairstylist and hair care specialist, one who’s constantly continuing their education in the latest hair care techniques. A professional hair care expert will have a love for what they do, and provide you with satisfying results.

No Lye and Lye products use the following chemicals:

  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Quinidine hydroxide /sensitive scalp products
  • Calcium hydroxide
  • Potassium hydroxide
  • Lithium hydroxide

— Rosslyn, Owner/Stylist, Salon 8227

About the Stylist

With over 35 years of experience in the beauty industry Rosslyn has traveled, trained and taught throughout Europe and the United States. Her foundation has been well built learning from some of the greatest names in her field, Liz Nolan, the late Olive Benson, Thomas Hayden, and Irvin and Rita Rusk, to only name a few. Rosslyn also had the privilege of studying in London, England at Alans, Jingles and Vidal Sassoon.

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