THE JOURNEY: “A Case for History and Howard – Dr. Michael Winston”

Dr. Michael Winston, Provost and Chief Academic Officer at Howard University.

The Daily Drum, 1-30-15, Turning Non-Sports Fans Into Fans

How can learning to be a sports fan help you socially and professionally?

The Daily Drum, 1-29-15, Prince George’s County & The Foreclosure Crisis

County officials respond to foreclosure issues

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What are the pros and cons of modern home schooling?

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What are the stages of grieving? Does grieving end? How can you get through the loss of a loved one?

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Why are payday loans still an issue in underserved communities? Why are they seeing growth?

THE JOURNEY – “A Student’s Voice – Gavette Richardson”

Gavette Richardson, an honors graduate of Howard University School of Communications who is currently enrolled as a second year student in the School of Law.

The Daily Drum, 1-23-15, Light Girls

Examining the colorism issues raised by the new documentary “Light Girls.”

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What you need to know if you want to enroll in the ACA before the 2015 deadline.

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Did the President make a convincing case for America in his 2015 SOTU address?