THE JOURNEY: “A Fulbright – Fogarty Scholar Speaks of Service”

President Wayne A. I. Frederick talks with a U.S. Navy officer/Howard medical student Graham Ellis as he prepares for his Fulbright – Fogarty Fellowship.

THE JOURNEY: “Knowing History, Knowing Self: Dr. Greg Carr”

The Daily Drum, 8-19-15, Generational Domestic Violence

How to address generational domestic violence and to heal.

The Daily Drum, 8-18-15, Shoe Designer Tori Soudan

What does it takes create a fine, luxury shoe?

THE JOURNEY: “A Voice of Cinematic Resistance: Haile Gerima”

Professor Haile Gerima, an internationally recognized independent filmmaker who has shaped other filmmakers and has been the voice of cinematic resistance.

The Daily Drum, 8-14-15, Hater Mates

You become a success. You mate does not. How do you handle their resentment?

The Daily Drum, 8-13-15, DC Ward 8 Councilmember LaRuby May

Councilmember LaRuby May talks about the challenges and plans for her community, east of the Anacostia river.

The Daily Drum, 8-12-15, Washington Teachers’ Union President

New school year in D.C., IMPACT, and teacher concerns.

The Daily Drum, 8-11-15, Branding and Supporting Black Businesses

National Black Business Month

The Daily Drum, 8-10-15, Death of Michael Brown, One Year Later

How far have Ferguson, Missouri and America come, or NOT come since the death of Michael Brown?