THE JOURNEY: “A Leap of Faith – Dr. Renee K. Harrison”

Dr. Renee Harrison, a former Los Angeles police officer who now teaches African American and U.S. religious history at the Howard University School of Divinity.

The Daily Drum, 4-24-15 Ending Relationships With Grace

The right way and the wrong way to end a relationship.

The Daily Drum, 4-23-15, Administrative Professionals

How professional are you in the workplace? Are you facing generational challenges with Gen X, Gen Y or Millennials?

The Daily Drum, 4-22-15, Getting Ahead Of The Money Game

Saving, Investing, and building wealth

The Daily Drum, 4-21-15, Police Killings of Unarmed Black Men

Initiatives aimed at stoping police shootings of unarmed black men

The Daily Drum, 4-20-15, Raising A Child With Autism

Parenting an Autistic child

THE JOURNEY: “Knowing Breast Cancer – Dr. Lori Wilson”

President Wayne A. I. Frederick hosts Dr. Lori Wilson, Howard University cancer surgeon and cancer survivor.

The Daily Drum, 4-17-15 Empty-Nesters No More

Sometimes they come back! Empty-nesters deal with the return of adult children.

The Daily Drum, 4-16-15, Child Abuse

How is child abuse defined? What’s the difference between spanking and abuse? What about sexual and emotional abuse?

The Daily Drum, 4-15-15, Procrastination

Why do some people procrastinate? What effect does it have jobs and careers?