THE JOURNEY: “On Education – Dean Leslie Fenwick”

Dr. Leslie Fenwick, Dean of the Howard University School of Education, who has been a fearless voice in education on behalf of communities of color.

The Daily Drum, 2-13-15, Men and Romance

Are men romantic, passionate and loving in their relationships?

The Daily Drum, 2-12-15, Young Doctors DC

Young Doctors DC is looking for new applicants for the four year mentoring program.

The Daily Drum, 2-11-15, Teen Dating Violence

“My Sister’s Keeper” is a support group and movement, growning HBCU campuses.

The Daily Drum, 2-9-15, Redefining Soul Food

How should we think about traditional soul food? Buying it, cooking it, and the health properties of it.

THE JOURNEY: “A Voice of Cinematic Resistance: Haile Gerima”

Professor Haile Gerima, an internationally recognized independent filmmaker who has shaped other filmmakers and has been the voice of cinematic resistance.

The Daily Drum, 2-6-15, Get A Life

Get a hobby or activity that will help you get a life.

The Daily Drum, 2-5-15 African-Americans & Heart Health

Smoking, diet, exercise and other factors that can affect your heart health.

The Daily Drum, 2-4-15 Taking Back Our Communities

Where do you begin when you want to take back your community from criminal elements?

The Daily Drum, 2-3-15, College Money

Applicants are eligible for as much as $10,000 per year for college tuition.