The Daily Drum, 4-14-15, All Things Politics At The Reporters’ Roundtable

D.C.’s Ward Races, the U.S. Senate race in Maryland, and Hillary Clinton and the growing G.O.P. field.

The Daily Drum, 4-13-15, Organ and Tissue Donations

Facts about organ and tissue donations

THE JOURNEY: “The Power of Light and Image – Bradford Young”

Bradford Young, double alum of Howard University and the award-winning cinematographer of the film “Selma.”

The Daily Drum, 4-10-15, Getting Fit For The Summer

Tips for men and women to be body beautiful for the summer.

The Daily Drum, 4-8-15, New FICO Score Coming

The new FICO score will make 50 million people credit-eligible. There are pros and cons.

The Daily Drum, 4-7-15, Howard University President Dr. Wayne Frederick

Dr. Frederick talks about President Obama’s visit and new educational initiatives.

The Daily Drum, 4-6-15, Teddy The Tax Man

Tax advice as the April 15th deadline approaches.

THE JOURNEY: “Art In Conversation”

Lori Evelyn Allan is a first year graduate design student and Kenish Magwood is a second year graduate painting student. Both are committed to using their work to spark conversations about tough questions within their communities.

The Daily Drum, 4-2-15, The New Diversity On Primetime TV

Are race, gender and sexuality the new broken glass ceiling for prime-time TV?

The Daily Drum, 4-1-15, Dealing With Irate Or Aggressive Police Officers

How do you handle a intimidating or threatening police officer?