The Daily Drum, 5-11-15, Police Image

Police perception. How officers feel about recent events. Responding to recent issues.

THE JOURNEY: “From Heart to Hand: A Donor Makes a Dream Live”

President Wayne A. I. Frederick introduces graduating senior Raven Harrison to the alumna donor whose financial gift made possible her graduation.

Howard University Commencement 2015

Recorded May 9, 2015 from the Upper Quandrangle, Main Campus.

The Daily Drum, 5-8-15 Power Moms

What does it take to be a Power Mom? Is there a generational difference between the moms of today and the moms of 40 years ago?

The Daily Drum, 5-7-15, Global Scholars Foundation

DC Public School students, 14-17 are eligible to travel abroad for free in this program.

The Daily Drum, 5-6-15, Starting Your Small Business

Planning, financing and starting your small business.

The Daily Drum, 5-5-15, Conversation With Howard University President, Dr. Wayne Frederick

Howard University alums and others contribute to help students pay pre-graduation debt.

The Daily Drum, 5-4-15, Hepatitis

There are several types of Hepatitis. How are they contracted? Where can you find help?

THE JOURNEY: “Politics and Passion: Dr. Lorenzo Morris”

President Wayne A. I. Frederick hosts Dr. Lorenzo Morris, professor of Political Science and Chair of the Faculty Senate.

The Daily Drum, 5-1-15 Baltimore In Crisis, Charges, Coroner’s Ruling

Where do we go from here?