The Daily Drum, 12-1-14, What is Freedom of Speech Today?

A GOP Congressional staffer posts terse and unpleasant comments about the Obama children on social media. BUT… did she have the RIGHT to say them? What is free speech?

THE JOURNEY: “Maxine Williams”

Maxine Williams, Global Head of Diversity for Facebook, explains how setting goals and having principles helped as she moved from a small village to Yale to Oxford and then to the world of corporate professionals.

The Daily Drum, 11-26-14, What Are You Thankful For?

What are you thankful for? How do you express gratitude during this season?

The Daily Drum, 11-24-14, Remembering Marion Barry

What did Marion Barry mean to Washington, DC? What will be his legacy?

THE JOURNEY: “Dr. John S. Wilson”

Dr. John S. Wilson, Jr., the 11th president of Morehouse College, shares his personal and professional journey.

The Daily Drum, 11-14-21 Waiting on The Grand Jury Decision in the Michael Brown Case

After the grand jury decision is rendered, what’s next for Ferguson, Missouri?

The Daily Drum, 11-20-14, What can men learn from women about health and longevity?

Why do married men live longer than single men? What role does having a mate play in the health and longevity of men’s lives?

The Daily Drum, 11-18-14, Tax Savings Before Year’s End

Now is the time to look at tax savings before the end of the year!

The Daily Drum, 11-17-14 Howard University President Dr. Wayne A.I. Frederick

Dr. Frederick discusses Ebola death of Dr. Martin Salia, HIV stigma, and the Michael Brown case.

THE JOURNEY: “Dr. Eleanor Traylor – Village Values and City Ways”

Howard University professor emeritus, scholar and literary critic Dr. Eleanor Traylor talks about growing up in a supportive community and the role of HBCU’s in preparing leaders grounded in the humanities.