The Daily Drum, 7-20-15 Crohn’s and Colitis Disease

Diseases of the intestines.

THE JOURNEY: “Knowing Breast Cancer – Dr. Lori Wilson”

President Wayne A. I. Frederick hosts Dr. Lori Wilson, Howard University cancer surgeon and cancer survivor.

The Daily Drum, 7-15-15, Prince George’s County’s New Economic Development Czar

What’s the future of business and economic development for Prince George’s County?

The Daily Drum, 7-14-15, Knowing Your Insurance Policies

Flooding, hail, severe weather, falling trees, and more. Are you covered by your insurance policy?

The Daily Drum, 7-13-15, Dementia and Alzheimer’s

What is dementia? What is Alzheimer’s disease? Family caregiving.

THE JOURNEY: “The Power of Light and Image – Bradford Young”

Bradford Young, double alum of Howard University and the award-winning cinematographer of the film “Selma.”

The Daily Drum, 7-10-15, Travel Tips

Tips to make your travel safe and trouble-free!

Not One More Town Hall Meeting

WHUR, HUR Voices, and WHUT-TV present “Not One More,”a candid look at how to combat crime and violence in our communities this summer.

The Daily Drum, 7-8-15, Reporters’ Roundtable

Analysis of the top news stories of the week.

The Daily Drum, 7-7-15, Black Women, Business and Money

Can black women be successful in business and personal finance?