The Daily Drum, 8-13-15, DC Ward 8 Councilmember LaRuby May

Councilmember LaRuby May talks about the challenges and plans for her community, east of the Anacostia river.

The Daily Drum, 8-12-15, Washington Teachers’ Union President

New school year in D.C., IMPACT, and teacher concerns.

The Daily Drum, 8-11-15, Branding and Supporting Black Businesses

National Black Business Month

The Daily Drum, 8-10-15, Death of Michael Brown, One Year Later

How far have Ferguson, Missouri and America come, or NOT come since the death of Michael Brown?

THE JOURNEY: “From The Perspective of a Journalist – Juan Williams”

President Wayne A. I. Frederick talks with veteran Emmy award-winning journalist and political analyst Juan Williams about education, politics and the Black community.

The Daily Drum, 8-7-15, Actress Kim Coles’ 2nd Act For Life

Actress Kim Coles on life, love and happiness!

The Daily Drum, 8-6-15, New Report: Blacks And Police Interaction

What are blacks saying about their encounters with police in 2015?

The Daily Drum, 8-5-15, Unequal Business Distribution In D.C.

Unequal business distribution remains an issue in the District of Columbia

The Daily Drum, 8-4-15, Renters and Foreclosure

Renters struggling with the foreclosure crisis

The Daily Drum, 8-3-15, Black Mental Health

Black mental health and illness. Bringing the issue into the light.