THE JOURNEY: “Medical Missionary on a Transplant Mission”

Dr. Clive Callender founded the National Minority Organ Tissue Transplant Education Program (MOTTEP) and serves as spokesperson urging organ donations around the country.

The Daily Drum, 11-7-14, Street Harassment

Is it a simple “hello” or is it harassment? How do you know the difference?

The Daily Drum, 10-6-14, Preserving African American Heirlooms

Don’t allow your family heirlooms to deteriorate. Learn how to protect and preserve your own part of African American history.

In The News Tonight 11-6-14

The Daily Drum, 11-5-14, Midterm Election 2014

Did the democrats lose or did the republicans win?

The Daily Drum, 11-4-14, Election 2014

The DC Mayor’s race. The Maryland Governor’s race. The U.S. Senate and House races.

The Daily Drum, 11-3-14, DC Homelessness

Attempting to address the needs of homeless community in Washington, DC

THE JOURNEY: “From The Perspective of a Journalist – Juan Williams”

President Wayne A. I. Frederick talks with veteran Emmy award-winning journalist and political analyst Juan Williams about education, politics and the Black community.

The Daily Drum, 10-31-14, Free Your Mind Friday

Issues, big or small can really get to us. Sometimes you need to let loose and free your mind!

The Daily Drum, 10-30-14, “Dear White People”

The movie isn’t just for white people. There are familiar issues and critical lessons for everyone.