THE JOURNEY: “An Impact Through Athletics – Dwight Yorke and Shaka Hislop”

Dwight Yorke and Howard Alum Shaka Hislop, two world-famous football (soccer) professionals.

The Daily Drum, 3-27-15, Love & Money

The Daily Drum, 3-25-15, State of Black Women 2015

What do black women need to know and do to improve their status in 2015 and beyond?

The Daily Drum, 3-24-15, Teaching And The Modern Classroom

What does it take to be a modern teacher?

THE JOURNEY: “An Advocate for Alzeheimer’s Disease – Dr. Thomas Obisesan”

Dr. Thomas Obisesan, Howard University physician and scholar, addresses a community at risk for a high incidence of Alzheimer’s on this episode of The Journey.

The Daily Drum 3-20-15 Spring Fashion Advice

What’s trending for men and women’s fashion this Spring? Dos and don’ts.

The Daily Drum, 3-19-15, Lawn and Garden Tips

Green thumbs or all thumbs, get great info for your lawn and garden care.

The Daily Drum, 3-18-15 The Next Big Idea

Resources and information to turn your big idea into a big business.

The Daily Drum 3-17-15 Pay Equity

What’s in the new Maryland pay equity bill?

The Daily Drum, 3-16-15, Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal Cancer symptons, treatment, resources.