The Daily Drum, 11-14-14, Is Marriage Still Relevant?

Marriage may not be for everyone, but why not? Why are some doing it while others are not interested?

The Daily Drum, 11-13-14, Juvenile Diabetes

How is juvenile diabetes different from adult diabetes? How do you know if your child has it? How is it treated?

The Daily Drum, 11-12-14, Financing Your Own Business

To start your own business, you need an idea and a plan. Eventually, you will need money. Where do you find it?

The Daily Drum, 11-11-14, Reintegrating War Veterans Back into Society

Helping war vets address mental and physical health issues as they return to society..

The Daily Drum, 11-10-14, Keeping Women Safe on the Streets

What do women need to know about street safety? How is the community addressing it?

THE JOURNEY: “Medical Missionary on a Transplant Mission”

Dr. Clive Callender founded the National Minority Organ Tissue Transplant Education Program (MOTTEP) and serves as spokesperson urging organ donations around the country.

The Daily Drum, 11-7-14, Street Harassment

Is it a simple “hello” or is it harassment? How do you know the difference?

The Daily Drum, 10-6-14, Preserving African American Heirlooms

Don’t allow your family heirlooms to deteriorate. Learn how to protect and preserve your own part of African American history.

In The News Tonight 11-6-14

The Daily Drum, 11-5-14, Midterm Election 2014

Did the democrats lose or did the republicans win?