The Daily Drum, 7-6-15, The Black Church and Obesity

How are black churches addressing obesity?

THE JOURNEY: “Towards Civil Rights – Aderson Francois”

Professor Aderson Francois, supervising attorney of the Civil Rights Clinic at Howard University.

The Daily Drum, 7-3-15 Holiday BBQ

BBQ tips and ideas for the perfect holiday grilling experience.

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Are black women over the top with plastic surgery?

The Daily Drum, 7-1-15, Absentee Fathers and Adult Daughters

How can absentee fathers reconnect and help heal their adult daughters?

The Daily Drum, 6-30-15, Starting A Non-Profit

You want to start a non-profit. What do you need to know? Legal, financial, grant writing and more.

THE JOURNEY: “Jim Watkins – General Manager, WHUR, 96.3″

Jim Watkins, General Manager of WHUR and the Howard University Radio Network.

The Daily Drum, 6-25-15, Homeowners Associations

What are you rights when it comes to HOAs?

The Daily Drum, 6-24-15, Reporters’ Roundtable

The Confederate flag, President Obama & the “N” word, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, 20th anniversary of The Million Man March

The Daily Drum, 6-23-15, Synthetic Drugs In DC

What are synthetic drugs? What are the health hazards? How is D.C. addressing the issue?