Guess Who Has The Worst Drivers In The US?


It’s been a big debate in the nation’s capital for years. Who are the worst drivers between DC, MD and VA?

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We Built This City!

What Washington Tourists Never Hear Is Something Many Washingtonians Should Know.

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The Daily Drum, 7-24-14, Federal Prison Sentencing Reform

What’s behind the U.S. Sentencing Commission decision?

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Sheryl Underwood for WHUR’s Neighborhood Awards Nominee’s Send-Off Party

sheryl Underwood

She was on the Frank Ski show and she has a special message for the DMV.

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Wacky Word Wednesday

bethesda blues and jazz

Find out the Wacky Word for a chance to win a Frantic Friday Prize Pack (July 25, 2014)!!!
It’s filled with a lot of laughter, so you’re going to want to win!!!!

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Best & Worst States for Working Moms


Guess where Washington, DC fits in? You may be surprised?

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Newscaster Says There’s A New Voting Block In America. It’s Called The Beyonce Voters.


A news reporter coined the term to refer to single women, predicting this demographic will be a coveted bloc to court come election time.

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THROWBACK THURSDAY: Cosby’s Returning To TV With New Family Show

bill cosby tickets

Cosby envisions his new show appealing to today’s parents who watched the show when they were the same ages as the Cosby show kids.

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I am sure you’ve seen him before if you’re familiar with the Jessica Holter and Punany Poets.

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Trisha, Is she a poet who’s ready for the spotlight?

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