It’s Michelle’s first time on Spoken Word.


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R.I.P. Windows XP. If you are still using this, it may be time to upgrade


Microsoft has officially stopped supporting its technologically obsolete Windows XP operating system, after almost 13 years.

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The Toe Knows. Toe length suggest ancestry and other traits


Can you can really size someone up by studying their toes?

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The Daily Drum, 4-7-14, The Bonds of Brotherhood

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The Weekend Review’s Mini-Concert Series features Marvin Gaye.

A Marvin Gaye musical tribute.

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The Daily Drum, 4-4-14, Spring Fling

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The 1966 NCAA Final Four at Cole Field House in Maryland that changed the face of basketball


It was a game that changed the face of college basketball

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Taking it to the Streets Weekend Haps Calendar

Things to do, see and places to go. Activities for the entire family

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The Daily Drum, 4-3-14, Women in the Modern Workplace

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Do you know what Emojis are? Well, now that they’ve released Black ones, maybe it’s time you do?


Black emojis have arrived

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