[Sold Out] WHUR World Tour 2015 Destination: Italy (Rome, Florence & Venice)

DAY 7 – Thursday, April 16, 2015

After breakfast at our hotel we’ll depart for the Tuscan Countryside with a full day excursion to Siena.

Once a capital to rival Florence, Siena is still unspoiled and endowed with the grandeur of the age in which it was at its peak (1260-1348). More than anywhere else, this town brings to life the reality of a medieval city. Its plan extends over three converging red clay hills (from which the color “burnt sienna” is named) at the very heart of the high Tuscan plateau.

Rome-Florence-Venice[1]Siena’s principal sights cluster in the maze of narrow streets and alleys around the fan-shaped Piazza del Campo, one of Europe’s greatest medieval squares. Some of the sights one can see include: the Duomo, one of Italy’s greatest cathedrals, a spectacular mixture of sculpture, paintings and Pisan-influenced Romanesque-Gothic architecture; Palazzo Pubblico, which continues its ancient role as Siena’s town hall and also houses a museum; Torre del Mangia, Palazzo Pubblico’s huge bell tower, which is the second highest medieval tower ever built in Italy and a prominent feature of Siena’s skyline; the house of Saint Catherine, Siena’s patron saint and the church of San Domenico.

After our tour we will enjoy a typical Tuscan lunch at a local “Agriturismo” where Tuscan cooking and wines ate at their finest!

We return to Florence for an evening at your leisure.

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