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To the ladies of the Washington, DC Metro Area. Join Darryl Haley and Marie Johns on a Health and Fitness journey to shift the paradigm to the Healthy Women of Washington.

Below you will find a “Meal Plan” and “Healthy Nutrition” Information to assist on your road to becoming “Fit and Fabulous”

Marie Johns:


About Marie:

Is a former deputy administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), a federal agency which provides small businesses with access to capital and government contracts, counseling and training, and disaster relief. She was nominated by President Barack Obama on December 17, 2009, and confirmed unanimously by the Senate on June 22, 2010. Johns is a former president and CEO of the telecommunications company Verizon, Washington, D.C.

About Marie



Disclaimer Information:

Please review the disclaimer. If you go beyond the disclaimer and download, review or click on the “Meal Plan” or “Healthy Nutrition” Then you have agreed to the disclaimer. Wishing you a great day and Let’s go to work!




Your “Fit and Fabulous” Meal Plan

Let’s Get It Done – Working From The Inside Out!
Recommended Weekly Meal Menu

Meal Plan

Your “Healthy Nutrition” Information

Building Blocks for Healthy Nutrition
According to the U.S. Government guidelines, you should choose foods from the 6 food groups, in the recommended amounts.

Halthy Nutrition

Wishing you a great day! Let me know you progress, suggestions or comments.
Darryl Haley


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