Hump Day-After Next Day-It’s “Fitness Friday”

Camel Back Wednesday …

”Fitness Friday” is coming to you with the news and information you can use.
Join me this Friday at 6:42 AM-Fitness Friday, 7:12 AM-Healthy Living, 8:12 AM-Healthy Lifestyle and 8:42 AM–Fit and Fabulous. I will have your:

  • “Fitness Friday” Exercise Program – Circuit Training Program
  • “Fitness Friday” The Meal of The Day – Roasted Vegetable Ratatouille
  • “Fitness Friday” Feature Hard Work – Ms. Tamika Taylor
  • “Fitness Friday” Special Guest – Army Colonel, Dr. Harry P. Marshall

Fitness Friday_DHM

If you need permission to come to this event… Check your keys at the door!
4 Up, 2 Twisted, HUR 96.3! Laughing… I’m Outta Here




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