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Your “Fitness Friday” Morning Groove!

Artist: Kindred The Family Soul
Song: Woman First

Your “Fitness Friday” Exercise Program!

For Today Monday and Wednesday of next week:

It’s all about the Thighs and Glutes – Single leg Squats, Lunges, Step Ups, Adductors and Abductors, 3 Way Calve Raises, Reverse Crunches, Crunches. 

You will do each exercise for 1 minute before moving onto the next exercise. Remember your goal is become fit and fabulous – so work with what you have and it’s all happening right here.

Fitness Friday Feature – Hard Work

- Maggie Watson -

Healthy living isn’t just a short lived fad… it’s a lifelong commitment! Eat well… Train hard… Get results!!! Stay Focused! 

This video will show me in the gym doing Landmine Squats into a calf raise. Very Powerful Explosive exercise… Try it if you feel like shaking things up a bit. Works the shoulders, quads, glutes and calves. 

** As Always SAFETY FIRST especially when trying a new exercise. Start with light weight and work your way up Happy Training! 

Hope you like it  Maggie Watson~

- Exercise: Landmine Squats -

- Demonstration -

“Fitness Friday” Meal of The Day

How to Eat Food in Combination to Lose Weight

Food combining can be very effective for losing weight. The basic idea behind food combining is that foods digest better when eaten in combination with certain other foods.

Some foods require different types of enzymes for their digestion. When foods that use different digestive juices and enzymes are eaten together they may not break down properly and nutrients won’t be completely absorbed.

Enzymes help digest food more effectively, so combining foods compatibly will ensure optimal digestion. By digesting better you will avoid an inefficient metabolism as well as fat and cholesterol accumulation.

Improved digestion will lead to better health and will also aid in losing
weight. Follow these steps to attain your weight loss goals and an optimal
digestive system.DH_healthy-foods-to-eat


Instructions For Food Combining

  1. Do not eat proteins and starches together. Proteins require an acid base for digestion and starches an alkaline one.
  2. Eat fruit by itself or with other fruits, except for melons, which should be eaten alone because they digest very quickly. Fruit eaten with melon will simply sit in your stomach while the melon digests, causing unnecessary fermentation. A handful of nuts can be eaten with very sweet fruits.
  3. Do not eat acid or sub/acid fruits with sweet fruits at the same meal. Some acid or sub/acid fruits include, grapefruits, strawberries, pineapple, apples, grapes and peaches. Some sweet fruits include, bananas, dates and raisins.
  4. Eat fats and oils in moderation, as they will slow down digestion. They can be combined with everything except fruit.
  5. Wait two hours after eating fruit to eat something that doesn’t combine with it, three hours after eating starches and four hours after eating proteins.

My “Fitness Friday” Special Guest”

Total_Woman_Wellness_banner - Ms. Delayna Watkins -

We will be talking about how to move from point to point as a total women while embracing your own wellness and health needs.
Contact Info:


- To Our Military Veterans and Friends -

We’re open! The DC VA Medical Center,  its community clinics and the CRRC will be fully operational throughout the appropriation lapse. For details on impact to Veterans visit:

Phone: 202 745 8000

Washington, DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center



- Dutch -

Mean: Women

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