Monday “Fitness Challenge” Soup and Tip!

Some Monday Morning Inspiration…
“Fitness Friday”

Hello WHUR Family and Friends,
Just because its Monday doesn’t mean you get a mini vacation off training… This is the time when you should make an even bigger effort to get into the gym. This is the time when most of us do not want to go to the gym. During the weekend we eat out and stay up late and so our bodies pay the price. Be kind to your body… it’s the only place you have to live! 

Healthy living isn’t just a short lived fad… it’s a lifelong commitment!
Eat well… Train hard… Get results!!! Stay Focused! 

This video will show me in the gym doing Landmine Squats into a calf raise. Very Powerful Explosive exercise… Try it if you feel like shaking things up a bit. Works the shoulders, quads, glutes and calves.  

 ** As Always SAFETY FIRST especially when trying a new exercise. Start with light weight and work your way up Happy Training! 

 Hope you like it
 Maggie Watson~


- Exercise: Landmine Squats –

- Demonstration -

Thought For Today!




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