Hot Hair Trends for 2014

Get ready to change your look with one of these hot hair styles for the summer.

High Top Updo – Pompadour Pretty

Maintaining your high bun or natural hairstyle with a little of holding spray. Create a sophisticated updo or an updo on the run.

Bright hues

Bright hues are still trending. Make your hair pop with streaks of bright pinks and reds; pastel washes are also popular.

Short and Curly Hair

Flowy curls are in style this spring. Using a curling iron to create tight curls then brush them out for loose bouncy waves.

The Classic Ponytail

Don’t sweat it, if you are having a long day put your hair in a trendy ponytail. Wear high, low, or add a braid.

Sideswept Bang

This is a deep parted sideswept bang you can add to any hair style.


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