THE PEOPLE’S PLATFORM Presents Prentice Powell Performing ‘Good Father’


Father’s Day is going to be celebrated next weekend as a national holiday tradition.  But this clip is dedicated to the Fathers who understand that every time they get to spend time with their child… Father’s day. And next week on Father’s Day may not be one of them.

This is not meant to be an indictment of the system or any gender specific drama. It is just a revelation that despite what the media has you to believe about Black men and Black fatherhood…we know there are plenty of good fathers out there. Those in two parent households and those who have joint custody arrangements.

We salute all the Good Father’s today, tomorrow and every day after. We as a culture do not need to rely on a holiday for that. And, we don’t need a celebration on the second Sunday in June to validate that fact.

We dedicate this spoken word piece from Prentice Powell to all the good fathers who may be going through similar challenges of joint custody to let you know we support you.  This is for you David.


The views expressed are that solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect WHUR or Howard University.

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