Would #BringBackOurGirls Have Already Been Rescued If They Weren’t Black?


At this point in the news cycle of #BringBackOurGirls, how many of you have wondered if there would have been a different response if those school girls were not African and black?

Many of us know what happens in this country if just one little white girl goes missing. There is a whole emergency alert system set up called the Amber Alert to find her.  It was set up to instantly alert the entire community to assist in the search for and the safe recovery of a missing child.

It’s ok….you are allowed to feel that way.

It’s not racist to think that. It’s a perfectly normal reaction, especially if you are African American.  We still wish they had a similar Katrina Alert in place for New Orleans back in 2005 during that devastating hurricane and flood.  But, then again, that was just us too.

We know the capabilities of drones used in the military to search vast areas of land remotely.  We know of spy satellites that criss cross the skies that can read the license plates off of cars.  We know about technology being used in the multi-national search for that downed Malaysia Airlines plane.  But we can’t track and locate 200 missing African school girls?

Why haven’t these girls been located? 

It’s been almost a month since those girls from a boarding school in Nigeria have been abducted.  And people are wondering will the those schoolgirls ever be found? It’s great that we hold up our #hashtag signs and see our politicians and celebrities tweet and retweet #BringBackOurGirls.  It’s great that we’re using social media to show solidarity to the families of those girls who were kidnapped.

Would the world be demanding ‘justice’…..if it wasn’t ‘just us?’

We must not forget that these innocent children….have names….and not one of them is named Amber. Let’s continue to pray for them….and their Mothers this Mother’s Day weekend.



The views expressed are that solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect WHUR or Howard University.

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