Strawberry Letter: Is it over (My marriage)

Dear steve and shirley,

I am concerned about my marriage i have been married 17 years . It hasn’t been that picture perfect marriage but who marriage is perfect. of course that thing of infidelity has occurred but it was out of control for last two years because my wife filed for divorce and we went our separate ways . Recently we reconciled and we are in counseling through the church. Let me get to point she is keeping contact with her ex boyfriends family and him. Her ex-boyfriend brother recently passed away and she thinks its okay to grieve with them and drink etc in this time . I don’t think its right i cant kick and party with my ex girlfriends relatives and she says i am jealous. This is crazy and i am angry but i must keep my composure for sake of my kids. I love my wife and this is just breaking my heart.

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