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SITTING IN YOUR OFFICE CHAIR ALL DAY LONG? Well, your KNEE JOINTS may not be properly lubricated. You may want to try some “Quad Pump” exercises!!!


Quad Sets Image

The “Quad Pump” derives from the Quadriceps Sets that is an exercise used for one or both legs to build strength.

This exercise is not only recommended for an individual that sits in an office chair all day at work, but also someone recovering from knee surgery. In fact, physical therapists encourage this exercise be done at least 5–10 times, twice a day.

The “Quad Pump” can be done at a desk, lying down on a bed, or even during a relaxing bubble bath.

This exercise begins with the tightening of the muscle at the front of the thigh as you press the back of your knee down, then hold it for 2-3 seconds then releasing the leg.

This 10-second activity causes your cartilage to secrete fluid, bathing the knee joint in nutrients to keep it healthy.

So the next time you find yourself sitting for a long period of time, give this exercise a try.

To see a brief video presentation of this knee soothing exercise visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utvcLSRx7IA.

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