1:10 Mid-Day Lifestyle Tip: Are You Allergic to your electronic device?


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Did you know that several electronic devices contain nickel in them, including cell phones, iPads, and laptops?

Recent reports have shown that the nickel contained from some of these devices can cause irritating skin rashes that experts said will require treatment with steroids and antibiotics.

Nickel allergies has become one of the most common allergies seen in dermatology, and may cause acute reactions, with itching, crusting and redness, as well as a chronic dermatitis with scaling and redness.

According to The American Academy of Dermatology, there has been a 40 percent increase in the number of people tested positive for nickel allergies over the last five years, and the numbers are continuing to grow.

In a 2011 CNN Tech report titled “90 percent of Americans own a computerized gadget,” includes a variety of details on the technology used by many in the 21st century.

This study included in the report was the Pew Internet and American Life project, that concluded that nearly 90% of Americans now own a cell phone, computer, MP3 player, game console, e-book reader or tablet computer. It defines six generations ranging from 18-75 years old.

That being said, it is advised that everyone gets tested to ensure they are not allergic to nickel to prevent an allergic reaction to any electronic devices used on a daily basis.

A solution to still utilizing these devices even after learning about a nickel allergy is to get a “Smart Case,” which is a protective covering that will cover the outer rim of the device and protect the skin from having a reaction.

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