Dominica Harris Steps Up To The Mic @ Joe’s Place


Lamar Hill hits every cylider tonight

Get to know Lamar Hill right now.

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To Provoke…Or Not To Provoke? That is the Question that has Social Media On Fire


Where are you on this side of the issue?

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TURN BACK TIME TUESDAY: Black Nannies During Slavery


Should we ignore aspects of Black History that may seem distasteful and are often painful to discuss? Or, should we look at all aspects of Black History as a continuing education course for our youth?

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1:10 Mid-Day Lifestyle Tip

Good Posture GOOD PHOTO

Do you slouch when you sit in your seat? Learn what position is considered good posture and the several benefits of practicing these techniques.

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The Issue of Domestic Violence Remains A Top Sports News Story Today


ESPN’s Steven A. Smith learned that the hard way. Hear what he has to say now.

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What’s Happening To Robin Thicke’s Career?


Last year he had the biggest record of the summer. This year he’s having one of the worst.

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The Weekend Review

Check out some of your favorite songs from Mint Condition during this weekends Mini-Concert Series.

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Guess Who Has The Worst Drivers In The US?


It’s been a big debate in the nation’s capital for years. Who are the worst drivers between DC, MD and VA?

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We Built This City!

What Washington Tourists Never Hear Is Something Many Washingtonians Should Know.

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