A Top Obama Aide Tweets “N-Word” By Mistake

Via Bossip and NY Daily News

A top Obama aide, who advises the President on communications strategy, made an egregious error in a hurriedly posted tweet, mistakenly typing the N-word when he meant to type the word “bigger.”

Dan Pfeiffer sloppily wrote “also a much n—-r factor on the right” in a thread directed at New York Times National Political Correspondent Jonathan Martin about the government shutdown.

Martin had been praising an NBC analysis piece about the cause of the shutdown, citing anarchy in the political parties and the rise of social media. At first Pfeiffer agreed with the article, writing “It’s a very smart point and massive factor in political polarization.”

Just moments later, he decided to add a follow-up comment, which he apparently forgot to proofread. The Twittersphere was shocked Tuesday when they spotted the posting, with BuzzFeed’s Rosie Gray declaring it the “worst typo ever.”

Pfeiffer, who typed the tweet from his official White House account, quickly deleted the message. “Obviously a horrendous typo in my previous tweet. My apologies,” he tweeted in embarrassment.


I blame the iphone!!! lol

Poor guy. Out of all mistakes to make, that was a huge communications strategy #FAIL. I recommend he use the word “larger” from here on out! – NS

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