Actress Gabrielle Union introduces her new ‘Vanilla Puddin’ Chardonnay wine

Gabrielle Union has officially tapped into the wine market.

gabrielleGabrielle Union has officially tapped into the wine market. And she’s created her own vanilla wine…that literally tastes like vanilla pudding.

Between talking about how she’s the “older woman” out of the Miami Heat wives and girlfriends, setting a wedding date, and how she’s 9 years older than her fiance Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Union spoke candidly with Chelsea Handler about her brand new wine venture.

She’s teamed up with a wine distributor to create a Chardonnay that “tastes good”, as she put it. She didn’t want a cork because she wants to “be able to get to the liquor quickly”. And she wanted it to have a sweet taste… so she went with vanilla.

Gabby told People magazine about the type of support she’s been getting since announcing her engagement, and that she’s letting Dwyane do all the heavy lifting.

“For everyone who’s kind of given up, and is maybe a little older and it’s the second time around, I think everyone kind of feels like it’s their wedding and we’re all in this together,” she explained.

“He’s in charge. I’ll just get a save the date and… see what happens.”

As for Union’s fear of messing up, she said, “I’m divorced, so I’ve made a ton of bad decisions in relationships.”

According to a release, Gabrielle Union’s 2012 wine was created with JaM Cellars in the Napa Valley, and “has characteristics of pears, light French oak, and white chocolate with dollops of vanilla.”

Look for it on sale Feb. 12; more info on Twitter #‎myvanillawine‬ on Facebook @ Vanilla Puddin Wine



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