Part 1 – Are Men From Mars And Women From Venus Sexually?

There is much confusion about sexuality in America. Especially amongst men and women who are partnered romantically. For example, many couples believe that all sexual encounters should blow their minds.

This is a powerful thought, but not a realistic one. Passionate romance and sexual encounters are often not perfect like they are in the movies or on TV.

So let’s try to understand some basic differences amongst the genders on sexuality. Men are socialized differently. They have different emotional, physical, and social needs. For example, sex allows men to get in touch with their loving feelings and their need for love. It is through sex that a man is able to open up his heart and experience closeness.

african-american-coupleThis is often where the misunderstanding occurs between the sexes. He may want sex and she may not be in the mood. Perhaps he’s been neglectful or non-supportive around the house. However he may want sex for reassurance because he’s not feeling very confident right now. Women, on the other hand, need closeness, caring, attention, and lots of emotional intimacy to put them in the mood. Men can appreciate closeness and emotional intimacy through touching and women can value eroticism and adventure, as men do. When a man helps around the house, it’s a huge turn-on for his woman. Also, adding good communication throughout a partnership creates a stronger connection between parties. True openness and honesty about what you want to experience sexually must be shared through communication. When couples talk, they make many new discoveries about each other. This is what real emotional intimacy is all about. Emotional intimacy is the glue that promotes safety, security, and a trusting relationship to get love right.

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