Audrey’s Love Lessons 101 – Are You in Search of a Perfect “Ten”?

Both men and women, whichever their mode of searching, say they find their inability to find Mr. or Ms. Ideal to be a frustrating and depressing experience. Enormous amounts of time and energy are expended in trying to find the perfect person in the perfect package, complete and flawless.

Most of the endless safrican-american-loveearchers really know what they seek in a partner cannot be obtained in one person. This deep-down awareness does not, however, deter them from their constant explorations. They continue to pick impossible people who cannot possibly meet their needs. These individuals remain uncommitted and unhappy. Or, they reluctantly and consciously accept less than the desired commitment and continue their endless search on the side, always looking for that camera-ready person who is the carbon copy of their ideal mate. Since such perfection is unattainable they soon reject each possibility and move on to the next candidate.

Individuals who find themselves in the endless search need to consider that the search should begin with wholehearted acceptance of self. That is, self-love should be the first love. The fact is you will never find anyone who will accept or appreciate you until you accept and appreciate yourself. When you accept all aspects of YOU, others will too. In short, get your own act together and settle for a less than perfect, but perfectly adequate partner!

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