Can Men and Women be Friends? Is Love Still Alive? How Does He or She Really Feel?

WHUR took a survey asking our listeners what their feelings were about platonic relationships between men and women. We also asked them a few other relationship questions.

Here’s what they had to say.

Here are the results from the survey.

We have concluded that men and women have similar ideas about love and relationships, and love is still alive!

Men and women seem to both enjoy being attached. A common misconception about men is that they would rather be single. In fact, men seem to be happier when in a relationship. A common misconception about women is that they feel unhappy without a man when truthfully women are okay being single. The biggest difference we found between men and women were the infidelity percentages.

Could infidelity be the main reason men and women end up single? Hmmm… just a thought. We would love to know your thoughts. Post your comments below.



 1. Can men and women really just be friends? (strictly platonic with absolutely no romantic feelings) 85% say Yes 95% say Yes
2. Do you enjoy being single more than being attached/married? 65% No 70% say No
3. On a scale of 1- 5 how happy are you:
(where applicable/5 being the highest)
    a. In your marriage? 60% selected
4 or 5
75% selected
4 or 5
    b. Being single? 40% selected
4 or 5
76% selected
4 or 5
    c. In your relationship? 75% selected
4 or 5
75% selected
4 or 5
4. Have you ever cheated on your spouse or significant other? 55% say No 80% say No
5. Is a man truly okay with a woman making more money than him? 60% say Yes 85% say No
6. Does a man with no kids really want to date a woman with kids? 75% say
It Doesn’t Matter
65% say
Not Really
7. How does a woman really feel about her man taking care of his mother? 75% thinks She Doesn’t Mind 75% say They Wouldn’t Mind
8. How do you really feel about your significant other going to the club with friends on a weekly basis? 80% Don’t Mind or Don’t Care 65% Don’t Mind or Don’t Care
9. What’s more important:
(Finance or Romance)
   a. In a committed relationship? 80% say Romance 85% say Romance
   b. In a marriage? 65% say Romance 75% say Finance
10. What quality is most important when choosing a mate? Physical Attraction | Career/Finance | Friendship/Personality | Beliefs/Values 60% Friendship/ Personality

25% Beliefs/Values

60% Beliefs/Values

30% Friendship/ Personality

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