Guess who will play Olivia Pope’s Mother on SCANDAL???

She’s not the name that some of you have expressed interest in seeing play Olivia Pope’s mother on Scandal (that honor goes to Angela Bassett according to many unofficial online polls), but Khandi Alexander will assume that role for at least one episode of the hit ABC drama, starting this Thursday.


The veteran award-winning actress/choreographer/dancer is known for her long running roles on TremeCSI: Miami,Newsradio, and ER, as well as for her compelling work on HBO’s The Corner, and in films like CB4Menace II SocietyPoetic Justice, and Sugar Hill.

Her Scandal character’s name will be Maya Lewis. It’ll be a recurring role.

Should we expect fireworks?

You’ll have to find out when you tune into Scandal on Thursday nights, at 10pm, on ABC. The series is enjoying its best season ever, in terms of ratings.

Also, look for Alexander in the upcoming fourth and FINAL season of Treme, which premieres Sunday, December 1st at 9pm, only on HBO