Inauguration Event Tip For The Men #141: WALK “WITH” HER

Fellas, remember you are not rolling with your boys. You have this fine queen by your side…who probably invited you to go out to one of the Inauguration celebrations.

She is wearing those fly high heeled shoes and¬†she’s working that gorgeous long flowing dress. Whether you are walking outside on your way to the event or inside during the event…remember…she has on those fly high heeled shoes that she is literally balancing on to walk straight.

Make your momma proud and be the gentleman she raised you to be and slow your roll so your date is not sprinting to keep up with you. And never let her walk behind you.

Extend your arm…like Barack does with Michelle….so she can display all of her grace and poise. Be aware of how you are walking and take smaller steps with a shorter stride so it appears like she is floating by your side…and not being dragged along.

Watch out for her dress when you go up and down the escalator or steps. Pull out her chair and stand-up from the table every time she gets up and sits down. Remember to open all doors for her. ¬†Especially when you’re getting in and out of the car and cab. (And ladies…. let them do it. Don’t reach for the handle and start to get out when he does…chill, he’ll get the message as he starts to walk away from the car and notices you still inside.)

Do all these things fellas….and she just may start bringing you out to more events like this.