Inauguration Event Tip For The Women #96.3: WALK THIS WAY


Ladies, I know you are going to be going out to different parties and balls this inauguration weekend. You’ll be wearing long gowns and the super high spike heel platform shoes. But save your ankles and an early trip to the shoe repair place. Leave out the house in a pairĀ of your nice walking wedge heel or other comfortable walking shoes and bring along a drawstring shoe bag.

Whether your driving, riding or cabbing, you gown will cover the shoes and nobody is going to be checking you out….until you get inside.

Every venue you’re going to will have coat checks where you can change into your fly heels and park your walking shoes in the shoe bag and check it with your coat.

It’s not pretty watching other women doing that…”walk of pain”….as they try to navigate some of the pavement around here, especially at the end of the night.

Don’t let that be you.