Lamont Carey is here on the next Spoken Word

“Reach Into My Darkness, I Hate This Place..Lamont Carey

Lamont is a businessman who earned his way to his success. He didn’t get  where he is today in the traditional way, he had to realize that life wasn’t against him only threw him a few curves. This poet is extraordinary just because of where the roads of his life have taken him. Now you get a chance to meet him especially if you’ve never heard of him before.

Lamont is not just a poet but a poet who is a man on a mission to provide a vehicle on which young people can determine the path they choose to take. You see that’s an option he never had the opportunity to take advantage of when he was young. So giving back to the community is his way of correcting all of the mistakes that plagued his youth.

The new book of poetry and self reflection is “REACH INTO MY DARKNESS, I HATE THIS PLACE.