Legendary Singer Little Richard Suffers Heart Attack

Music legend Little Richard is recovering after recently suffering a heart attack while at home with his family.

Little Richard (real name Richard Penniman), 80, reveals he was overcome with a coughing fit and started to feel a shooting pain in his arm and it was only after self-medicating that he started to feel better.

His doctor later advised him that he had suffered a heart attack, and revealed that he saved his own life with his quick-thinking actions.

This past Sunday, Richard explained, “The other night, I didn’t know I was having a heart attack. I was coughing, and my right arm was aching. I told my son, ‘Make the room as cold as ice.’ So he turned the air conditioning on, and I took a baby aspirin. The doctor told me that saved my life. Jesus had something for me. He brought me through.”

Little Richard has stepped away from performing since almost collapsing on stage during a gig here in Washington, D.C. last summer.