LOL!!: Check out “PREACHERS OF DC”

You think Preachers of LA got folk talking, wait til you see Preachers of DC.  This one had me cracking up! Even though it is a spoof inspired by the Preachers of LA, everyone who has been to church can identify these characters. Some of my favorite moments (too many to list) are the healing prayerline for $59.99, the over-explanatory well-meaning Pastor Quantrell Smith with his ipod choir (LOL), the names of the churches themselves, Pastor “Pinky” and his sexy wife, the gang member shirt “I wish a ____would”,   Pastor Jones saying “You won me baby”…and his woman saying “crackerjack prize…”  Enjoy!

Preachers of DC is written by DC’s own Mike Brooks who as many of you know is behind the successful webseries Real Housewives of Benning Road. I think he hit this one (Preachers of DC) out the box!

After seeing it, tell me what are some of your favorite moments?

And congrats to everyone who is back to work, since the the gubment is now back open! Give the Lord a hand clap for that! ;) 

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