#LuvInTheDMV: Things men are instantly attracted to in women…other than looks. (Part I)


When you listen to the #FrankSkiShow on WHUR from 3-7p, you regularly hear about all the challenges men and women in the DMV face when it comes to dating, love and relationships.

We’re are going to seek out and give out advice from you and post your comments on a regular basis on this new blog #LUV IN THE DMV.   It’s a play on words. It’s all about “loving the DMV”…because of the wonderful places and things found here and about finding ways to bring “love in the DMV”…..through better relationships between the men and women living here. Get it? Got it? Good!

This one is #LuvInTheDMV – Things men are instantly attracted to in women…other than looks

Have you ever been dragged to a bar on a night when you were so not feeling attractive? But by some miracle, you were getting more male attention than you do on the nights you spend two hours doing your makeup? Here’s a secret: there are plenty of things guys notice immediately, other than your looks, that can overpower any bad hair day.


What good is a gorgeously put together girl who won’t dance to the live music? Or try the funny food truck outside? Or play the messy, loud drinking game? If you bring the good time, or at least are always looking for it, men can’t help but want to be around you. You can’t live in the DC and not appreciate sports, especially football. We didn’t say you have to love it, but if you don’t….you’ll find yourself alone on many fall Sunday afternoons.  #HTTR


If you really are elegant and delicate (which you can totally be while still being independent and confident), that will shine through even if you’re in sweat pants. We know women in the DMV are running things at home and at work, but men love a woman who isn’t afraid to act a little “girly,” and doesn’t feel the need to put up a tough front.


Do you wait forever to have a server get you a glass of water? Or do you dash behind the bar and serve yourself a glass from the pitcher? Do you wait for an open cab on a super busy night, or do you ask a couple in a cab if you can share the ride? Men love seeing that you can take care of yourself and being able to flip the script when it benefits both of you.


Men notice if you bark at the bartender, “Get me a Vodka Tonic,” or if you politely flag him down and say, “Hey. How are you doing? Could I please get a Vodka Tonic?” and then you calmly smile and wait, even if it takes twenty minutes. When you’re at a bar or party, there will be plenty of opportunity to get aggravated and negative, and once you let that start, the night’s ruined. Men appreciate a woman who wants to enjoy things as they are. Save the drama for your mama and the girlfriends who care or at least put up with it.


Think of the hoards of people you pass in the street, or even stand shoulder to shoulder with at the bar who look at you as if they’re looking right past you. If you hold eye contact with a guy while speaking to him, and really look at him, he will feel attracted to you more than he will to a perfectly made-up girl who looks all around the room during a conversation. And you’ll know it’s working when he can’t stop smiling as he talks to you.


Nobody is perfect and men know that. They’re not looking for a woman who is perfect: they’re looking for one who acknowledges and loves her own flaws and gives herself praise for her strengths and accomplishments. It’s hard not to love someone who loves herself.  So, don’t make excuses for every little thing that you didn’t do, don’t like or don’t have.  If a man compliments you on what you’re wearing, we don’t care if it’s 3 years old or brand new. If it’s looking good on you, accept the compliment. Men don’t keep track of designers to know what was in last year’s line.


We know women in the DMV often go out and party in packs. Nothing wrong with that, and girls night out doesn’t men you can’t have fun and interact with men.  When you are at a club, happy hour or other public social gathering, no guy wants to talk to the girl who is ignoring her friends, eagerly looking around the room to catch a guy’s attention. That’s being a little “thirsty.” A guy wants to see that you love being around your friends, and you engage with the people you go out with. If you are enjoying conversation and laughing with your friends, men will be drawn to you.

Which ones do you agree with, and why?  What would you add?  Let us know in the comment section below and we will continue to update this list.



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