Madonna Apologizes for Using the N-Word


Madonna has apologized for using the N-word in an instagram post of her son Rocco Ritchie. This apology from the Material Girl is in response to the post of her 13-year-old son boxing, along with the message “No one messes with Dirty Soap! Mama said knock you out!” along with the hashtag “#disni–a.”

“I am sorry if I offended anyone with my use of the N-word on Instagram,” the singer said in a statement. “It was not meant as a racial slur…I am not a racist.”

She added: “There’s no way to defend the use of the word. It was all about intention…It was used as a term of endearment toward my son who is white.  I appreciate that it’s a provocative word and I apologize if it gave people the wrong impression. Forgive me.”

As we celebrated Dr. King’s legacy this week, this is a reminder of how sensitive race still is in America.

Has the “N” word been politicized to the point that regardless of the context, if you are not Black then you will be considered a racist for using it?

Are we as African American’s becoming numb to the negative connotations of the word since it is commonly used as a form of endearment in our culture?

What are you thoughts about this?


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