Part 2 – “Mighty Mack” In The Sack

Jerome and Gloria: Trying to Get Love Right

Jerome and Gloria came to see me only a few short months after they married. Gloria was depressed and crying a lot because she and her new husband were arguing all of the time. He was angry and disappointed and often told her “he was sorry they ever got married.”

Gloria felt that Jerome was obsessed with sex. He wanted it morning, noon, and night and when she refused, he went ballistic. His sexual demands, she believed, had increased significantly since their wedding and she was beginning to feel like a slave.

“I can’t even take a shower anymore alone,” she said. “If he sees me undressed for any reason, he wants to have sex. I can be rushing to work or tired or sleepy. It just doesn’t matter to him; he wants it all the time.”

Jerome believed that when he got married, he would never have to suffer from a lack of sex. It never occurred to him that his wife might have different needs at different times. When she refuses him, he feels rejected. He believes that if a wife really loves her husband, she would want to please him and satisfy his needs.

Here is the question:

Is Gloria being mean or unrealistic toward her husband?
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