NEW SURVEY: More People Cheat with People Less Attractive Than Their Spouses

Pay Attention: This Is One Truth You Need To See

I have said for years that people cheat for a variety of reasons. RT The easy way most people choose to deal with cheating is to place the blame solely on our partners and accept no Responsibility¬†whatsoever in “the why”. Who wants to believe that it’s something that you are doing that caused your spouse/mate to cheat?

However if you HONESTLY take a look at this survey, it may help prevent this from either happening or from happening again in your relationship. Warning: If you can handle the truth, keep on reading. If not, click and get out of here now!

The age-old assumption that people cheat with someone better looking than their current partner may not actually be true, according to a new survey by Victoria Milan, a dating site for married people looking to have an affair.

The website polled over 4,000 of their members and found that most people using the site consider their significant others to be more attractive than their affair partners.

Interestingly, male respondents said they consider their significant others superior to their affair partners in other ways as well. Only 30% of men cheated with women younger than their current partners, and only 1/4 of the men found their mistresses more interesting or more in shape than their partners.

So why cheat at all? Men admitted that they found their mistresses to be more passionate, better listeners and more caring than their significant others.

Over half of the female respondents also found their significant others to be more attractive than their affair partners, but 50% said their lovers were in better shape. Similar to the male respondents, women reported that their affair partners listen better and are more passionate than their man at home. And a whopping 89.6% of the women indicated that the man they’re cheating with makes them feel more appreciated than their significant other.

“We have to do some preventative work to keep this out of our relationships” “In other words as the old saying goes; what you did to get em, you gotta keep doing to keep em”. “Never get lazy and never get comfortable. ” “Stay on your game”. “No guarantees but it helps lessen the chance”.

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