Morning Tea – Omarion, Ciara, Tamar, and World Cup

What another absolutely lovely Monday morning in the DMV! How about

some freshly brewed English breakfast tea to go along with these sunny skies!

Pinky’s up, it’s time to sip slow!


Now just when you may have thought the baby news was all done for the

summer, it just keeps on coming! Congratulations to former B2K member and

R&B heartthrob Omarion and girlfriend, Apryl. She hosted a baby shower this

weekend in honor of their baby boy who is expected to make a grand appearance

next month! This baby news is definitely bringing butterflies to my heart seeing

the amount of joy that Omarion is feeling regarding being a father. If you follow

him on Instagram, you will know that he has been flooding feeds with deets

on experiencing fatherhood, including a sonogram video. Having been the oldest

of four siblings, Omarion is delighted that he is being blessed with the opportunity to

share his wisdom with a prince of his own. Best wishes to the happy couple as

they expand their family!


In other news, Hip Hop princess, Ciara, has done it again. She’s got me

clutching my pearls in awe of her little bundle of joy, baby Future. Yes, Miss

Ciara has shared with us via Instagram another precious photo of her little tike.

What a cute little chubby baby he is! Check out the pic below.

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 3.36.12 PM


Now on another note, well wishes go out to Tamar Braxton who had an

incident at a Las Vegas show on Friday. The 37 year old mother had to be

assisted off stage by her husband, Vincent Herbert, when she nearly collapsed

right on stage. After being escorted off of stage, Tamar had to take a generous break in order to regain herself. She exclaimed that she was having difficulty

seeing, speaking, and breathing. After gaining some of her strength back, she

continued her show on a milder level with the assistance of fans who sang along

with her songs. Maybe it’s time for Auntie Tamar to take a break for her health’s

sake? It will definitely give her an opportunity to be able to cherish her

motherhood. Well anyways, I wish best of health to her so that she may

continue to bless us with her vocal talent!

And lastly, take a sip from this World Cup! I’m sure viewers of last night’s match

– U.S. v Portugal –  were all shocked by Portugal’s last minute

victory! Click the link for more details!


It’s only Monday, so be mindful to keep those pinky’s up, and sip slow! There’s

a whole week of tea ahead!

Nikki Strong

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