My Hott Music Picks For This Week!

This Week’s Hottest Songs According To Tony on WHUR!

Music is a huge part of my life! Music can make you feel good when you are having a bad day. Music creates memories. Music can touch your soul. Just hearing the right song at the right time can completely change your mood and your day.

There is nothing like putting on a really good pair of headphones or turning up a really good pair of speakers and hearing your favorite jam turnt up to a ridiculous level! Although my hearing may suffer later, it sure does feel good at the moment.

So I figured I would begin listing songs that I think are hott! These are songs that move me, pump me up and get my head bouncing. These are the songs that I bang in my car, in the studio, and on my iphone. Maybe these songs will get you bouncing too.

skyyLet’s start with old school. I walked into the studio Saturday while my man Mr. C was on and he was crankin one of my favorite’s. Skyy-High. That song took me back to my skating days. I hadn’t heard that song in years! Man it sounded good!

Here are some other new picks that are Fiyah! Ledesi-“I Blame You”. ledisi

I love Ledesi. Everything about this song is hot from the beats to the smooth lyrics and tight production. I stop in my tracks every time I hear this song cause the vibe is so smooth!

daleyThen there’s Daley-“Look Up”. I met talented cool kid from Manchester, England at the Soul Train Awards last year. He is another Robin Thicke and Justin Timberlake. They are coming into R&B music and they are bringing hitz! Get on this track!

tamar 2

What can I say about Tamar Braxton except I’m feelin her. So proud of her fame and all of her recent accomplishments She is the star that she always wanted to be.The album :”Love and War” has many hits. This song “All the way Home” is a slow banger but it’s still a banger!

Ron Isley 1Then there’s Ronald Isley’s-“This songs for You”. After 50 years in the business it’s still unbelievable that at age 70 something, Ronald is still coming with hits like this. He also has a cut with Trey Songz and Kem on the album.Steppers and Hand Dancers, “This song is for you”.

r kellyLastly just played R. Kelly’s new song “Genius” on my show this past Saturday. I nearly blew the speakers out in the studio cranking this one. Turn up baby! I laughed at the lyrics “Tonight you’re lying with a sex Genius”. Only Robert can make a bold statement like that and put it into a slamming song.

So those are my picks this week. They are all playing right now on WHUR so tune in and let me know what you think. Feel free to list some of your favs that move you. List em below. You can also hit up our Music Director Traci Latrelle at

Til next week…catch me on facebook and on twitter @IAmTonyRichards