New report says Asian and White kids are doing better than Black Ones. Do you believe that?


How many times are we going to read about the educational disparities between Whites, Asians, Blacks, American Indians, and Hispanics? With so much attention towards Common Core, a problem still exists with our school system.

In a new report released by the Annie E. Casey Foundation titled, Race for Results, ‘white and Asian children are far better positioned for success than black, Latino and American Indian children.’ Without a doubt, a major racial gap needs to be closed.

Here is what the report discovered:

“At the core of the report is a newly devised index based on 12 indicators measuring a child’s success from birth to adulthood. The indicators include reading and math proficiency, high school graduation data, teen birthrates, employment prospects, family income and education levels, and neighborhood poverty levels.”

“Using a single composite score with a scale of one to 1,000, Asian children have the highest index score at 776, followed by white children at 704.”

“Scores for Latino (404), American-Indian (387) and African-American (345) children are distressingly lower, and this pattern holds true in nearly every state.”

This report should raise some eyebrows within the Black, Latino, and American-Indian communities. A public outcry must be initiated to the private, nonprofit, and philanthropic sectors. Resources are needed to prevent these groups from sliding further down the scale.

Data for this report was collected in 2012. As you can see from the information list above, we have a serious problem on our hands. The minority community is hit the hardest. The question that needs to be raised is why is there such a huge gap among different groups?

It’s time for the United States to get serious about its education and start establishing programs to close this gap immediately.

Click here to read the full report for yourself.


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