Obamacare Smashes Its Goal Of ACA Signups Ahead of Deadline


As they say, your haters make your greater and President Obama is proving that point.  The Republican predictions of gloom and doom for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) have officially been proven wrong as Health and Human Services has announced that Obamacare has already hit its goal of six million enrollees before the deadline.

Despite the early troubles with the website, consumers enrolled in near record numbers to check out their options for affordable health coverage at HealthCare.gov or seeking help from a trained assister in person or via the 24/7 call center.

Republicans gambled everything on stopping Obamacare, and they lost. The battle is over. Democrats have won. The enrollment goal has been met with days to spare. President Obama has been proven correct. People do want access to affordable healthcare.

Thanks to the hard work of President Obama and the Democrats, the ACA triumphed over endless Republican opposition. This is a historic day, and a giant step forward towards the goal of universal health insurance coverage for all Americans.

Have you enrolled?  People who began the enrollment process but were not able to finish it because of technical problems will be given additional time to enroll in a health plan. In recent weeks, some of the states operating their own health exchanges have taken similar steps.

Go to www.HealthCare.gov for more information.


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