One Woman’s Story

One Woman's Story

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This is one of those video posts with such a powerful message that after watching it…..makes you feel good about spending all this time on line. LOL

We were going to post it on Sunday but we knew everybody would be focused on the Super Bowl and probably ignore it.

So, we’re posting this on the first day of Black History month as a testament to Black women. In celebration of their strength, resilience and fortitude as mothers, sisters, relatives and friends…and this one woman’s belief in a higher power.

If you do nothing else this weekend, watch this video. If you are not moved by this…to be an “overcomer” of negative and toxic stituations in your life…than maybe you should watch it again.

For many of us, we celebrate Black history every month of our lives. But it’s stories like this that remind us why we use this month to educate and uplift our heritage for the generations to come.