Patti Labelle Gets Candid on Oprah’s Next Chapter

Our Friend Patti Labelle Gets Real About Her Divorce

patti_oprahBeloved R&B music icon Patti Labelle discusses the breakdown of her nearly 32-year marriage to her former manager Armstead Edwards.

During an interview with talk show host Oprah Winfrey, Patti said of her ex-husband, “We live 10 minutes from each other now that we’re divorced… I stayed some years (in the marriage) because of Zuri, but Armstead had never done anything awful to me… I just couldn’t get along with anyone for 32 straight years; it was just that I was a witch sometimes, not easy to get along with… I pretended (that everything was fine) a lot so I was acting many years and Armstead’s a straightforward man.

She went on to say, “(Now) when he’s sick, I make sure he gets the right medicine. I now make sure he’s Ok, and he comes around and makes sure I’m Ok when I have to have him take me someplace to do something. (We’re) best of friends now, very friendly.”

LaBelle admits she’s happier than ever before, but she has no intention of following her girlfriend Tina Turner down the aisle again.

She says, “Congratulations Tina darling, but Patti’s not gonna go there (get married). Ever again. Ever. Never.

Watch as she opens up about their relationship today and how they’ve evolved into close friends.

Oprah’s Next Chapter: Patti Labelle