R.Kelly Shows Off His Song Writing Skills (Watch)

R Kelly Creates and Sings Spontaneous Sex Songs For Rolling Stone

R. Kelly can write a seductive hit about virtually any topic imaginable — as he’s proved many times over with songs like “Sex Planet,” “Sex in the Kitchen,” “Sex Weed” and many more. “I know how to put it into a melody and make it comical, but sexual at the same time,” the R&B star explains in the next issue of Rolling Stone. “With my gift, I can pretty much write a song out of anything.”

When Kelly dropped by Rolling Stone’s offices last week, he was asked to write four sexy songs about four randomly chosen topics, right there on the spot. Check out the video to see what happened. (Spoiler alert: It was amazing.)

Kelly’s 12th solo album, “Black Panties,” dropped Dec. 10. It will be featured on Tony Richards Urban Heat’s Prime Cuts Spotlight On Sirius/XM in January 2014.