She’s GOLD, Carolyn Malachi joins us @ Joe’s Place

“All Right ” is her latest single from her new CD “GOLD”

C534343_10202216653918363_92313407_narolyn Malachi is my multifaceted friend who has always been available to poetically share verse with the listeners of Spoken Word. The difference this time is she’s a Grammy Award Nominee for her single “Orion”.

I met her as a poet on a mission only later to find out she was also a songstress. The funny thing about her whole career thus far is that she almost literally had to leave to country in order to become an over night success. Now, maybe unknown to the greater DMV community she is an international celebrity with all of the tools it takes to a force to be dealt with in this industry. 643973_147312142134917_780344482_n