The Weekend Review recognizes Black History Month with “The Sound of Motown”

Motown Label 1In recognition of February being Black History Month, our Mini Concert Series, will feature the music and artists who made up the roster of Motown Records.  Artists like Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, The Supremes, Diana Ross and the list goes on.

Motown Records, formed by Berry Gordy in 1960 Berry Gordy 2developed what is know as the “Motown Sound”, which became the soundtrack to the lives of Black Americans all across the country.

So I invite you to tune in and check out some of your favorite songs and artists from the Motown Era.

Now my “Pick Hit” for the week is from Will Downing, titled “Stuff That I Like”.  Check it out and let me know your thoughts.Will Downing

You can check out the Weekend Review this Saturday evening on Sirius X/M Channel 141 from 6pm to 8pm with the Mini Concert starting in the 7pm hour. We will rebroadcast the show Sunday morning on WHUR – 96.3 from 12midnight to 2am (Mini Concert starts in the 1am hour)