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We talked with nutritionist, and trainer Shawn Stevenson about getting started with YOUR health, and fitness routine. Shawn is a Professional Nutritionist specializing in biochemistry and kinesiology. He is the author of several books and programs including The Fat Loss Code and The Key to Quantum Health.

At 20, Shawn was diagnosed with an “incurable” spinal condition known as degenerative disc disease…according to my doctor at the time, He had the spine of an 80-year old person, even though he was just a young college kid.

Shawn stopped accepting that nothing could be done, and instead shifted his focus on what he had to do to improve his health & well-being, and from that point on, Shawn dedicated his life to helping others achieve the health and well-being that they deserve to have.

Learn more about Shawn, and his amazing journey by visiting his website:

And, check out a video too!

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